Make sure your Mac has installed the lastest version of OS X,so far the latest version is: OS X EI Capitan (10.11.3). The lastest version of OS X is not mandatory but recommended strongly for example running smoothly without any error or warning. If your Mac doesn’t have the abover version,please go to App Store to update.


Also make sure Xcode on your Mac is the latest version,the current latest version is: 7.3(7D175). If your Xcode doesn’t have the latest version,please go to App Store to update.

Xcode Download/Update


By default Mac has installed Java automatically,what you need to do is to check whether the JDK is the latest version. The lastest version on Mac so far is: 1.8.0_45 Open Terminal App and input the command: java -version with Enter action. If your mac haven’t installed JDK,it will prompt you to download. In fact, Nepenthes has a wide compatible with JDK version,but to be consistent with the examples running smoothly, we recommend strongly to use the lastest JDK version.

JDK Local Download(232.8MB)


We recommended strongly to use NetBeans as default Java IDE. If your Mac hasn’t installed it,please go to http://www.netbeans.org to download and install it.Although we know, most of the Java developers used to Eclipse,but in order to keep the Nepenthes development environment same and smooth,please don’t hesitate to install NetBeans. (NetBeans is the earliest Java IDE originally sponsored by SUN)

NetBeans Local Download(254.7MB)


Nepenthes uses MySQL as the default database,you need to install MySQL on your Mac. The product version of MySQL with Nepenthes is mysql-5.6.24-osx10.8-x86_64 Please go to http://www.mysql.com to download and install. How to install and configure MySQL,please reference to the MySQL documatation. Note:make sure MySQL uses UTF-8 encoding.

MySQL Local Download(175.8MB)


MySQL Utilities install MySQL as service for Mac,and provides UI control on Mac System Preferences for start/stop MySQL easily.

MySQL Utilities Local Download(869KB)


Nepenthes provides service based on Tomcat,the current verified production version is: 7.0.55 Please to to http://tomcat.apache.org to download and install on your Mac. We will use Tomcat default DBCP to create database connection,so please make sure your have configured the MySQL JDBC driver properly on Tomcat.