With the popularity of iOS and Mac App development,enterprise-class applications are moving to the platforms gradually. As for the traditional server applications are almost based on Web written in Java,but iOS and Mac Apps developed with Objective-C,different languages communicate with each other through JSON. This kind of design and development brings difficult development process and debugging or tunning. So enterprise-class iOS&Mac App development becomes the challege for the developers especially to those who have been used to OO design and coding.

Nepenthes is for resolving such difficult development and design issue,which reduces the complexity of design and coding,keep system robust and hight efficient without worring the server and client encoding and decoding issues. Nepenthes provides two side libraries and frameworks to achieve the purpose. Development iOS&Mac App based on Nepenthes will reduce the coding and debugging time significantly and reduce the developers number incredibly. Also make the junior developers handle complicated problems,because Nepenthes provide many abstract functions and methods for you,what you need to do is extending the relative classes.

Nepenthes provides two ends solutions for integrating server and client(iOS,Mac Devices),back-end using Java language,front-end using Objective-C. Back-end is based on a web server, here we used Apache Tomcat,so the developers who coding back-end should be very familiar with Java and J2EE ,especially with Java-Bean and Servlet concepts. You should be familiar with Tomcat configuration including DBCP configuration. Nepenthes back-end libraries use MySQL as the default database,so you should know the SQL language and MySQL administration and tuning. Nepenthes front-end is a Objective-C framework for you to use, the developers who coding iOS or Mac App should be very familar with Objective-C language and iOS&Mac development way and process. In one word,Nepenthes is not targeted for junior developers, it is for architecture,Java and Objective-C experts.


Though Nepenthes sounds very abstract,but we will walk you through a fully example to experience the simplicity on it. You will see the Nepenthes do what for you to reduce development timing and developers budget. Usually, developing a App need at least two teams: back-end Java team,front-end Objective-C team, two teams will have much more communication with the errors occured,most of the time,front-end developmers are waiting back-end developers or ver sa. Nepentes sets the standard for back-end and front-end, there is no more disagrees between two teams. Nepthes not only set the communication standard,but also set the back-end and front-end standard for development process. For example: Based on Nepenthes, the back-end developers can be dramatically decreased to only 2 developers even ONE, the effect is same for front-end developmers. So your team will become smaller and smaller with the mastering Nepenthes skillfully. This will cut almost 80% development cost. We think you have been thrilled by it, Nepenthes is developed by senior developer engineer who has almost 20 years experience,18-year Java experience and 8-year Objective-C. The author had been worked in Borland for over 8 years.

Before we start a thrilling prject,you need to set the all the environments completely without any error.