WHAT IS nepenthes?

Nepenthes provides Apple enterprise development solution linking seamlessly with Objective-C and Java.

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Necessary softwares

Help you to prepare every necessary softwares for developing on Nepenthes.

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environment configuration

Walk you through the nepenthes environment setting up and configurations.

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A Full Example

We will take you to experience a full example based on Nepenthes,from back-end to front-end. Java team should focus on back-end implementation, Objective-C team focus on frond-end. Before you start the example,we assume you have installed all the necessary softwares and started MySQL server and Tomcat server.


Nepenthes provides back-end service based on J2EE compatible middleware. Nepenthes provides core library for your extension,it sets the standard for back-end,simplify the complicated development process. Make the back-end developers focus on the DS(Data Structure) and BL(Business Logic) design.

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Nepenthes provides core framework for iOS&Mac development,core library for Android and Java client development. It also set the standard for communication with back-end. Make iOS&Mac developers focused only on the UI(User Interface) and BL(Business Logic) design.

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